Marijan Endeladze - Participant of the Fostering Inclusive Democracy(FID) program


"Thanks to the Fostering Inclusive Democracy(FID) program's Media Literacy Campaign and the Storytelling Skills Training, I discovered skills in myself that had been beyond my attention until now." - Marijan Endeladze, “Fostering Inclusive Democracy (FID)” Program Participant.

Marijan Endeladze is a student of the strategic communications program at the University of Georgia. She is Believing that the FID program defined the path of her professional orientation, she took media literacy and storytelling skills training courses. Today, she fondly remembers in the middle of the pandemic, at the end of 2020, when she no longer had to go out due to online learning, she could not participate in any important project, nor use her time productively - at the right time, an interesting opportunity appeared in her life.

"The UNA Georgia was able to adapt and gave me the opportunity to gain great experience even online. He introduced me to a lot of extraordinary people, with whom it was a great pleasure to work, and it continues to be so for me to this day. Every person faces certain problems every day, the solution of which is sometimes of vital importance. First of all, these problems need to be seen and analyzed. The FID program not only radically changed my views and showed me how many problems there are in the world, but also taught me how to solve these problems.” - says Marijan.

Marijani has benefited from the multifaceted content of the FID program to share her knowledge with others.

The  Fostering Inclusive Democracy (FID) program is implemented by UNA Georgia in cooperation with the Swedish UN Association and with the financial support of ForumCiv / SIDA.