About Us

United Nations Association of Georgia (UNA Georgia) is a local nonprofit that has worked since 1995 to encourage, support and safeguard the democratic aspirations of the people of Georgia. UNAG works to protect human rights, promote freedom of speech, advance good governance, and stimulate meaningful national discussions through encouraging citizen participation in the processes and decisions that affect their lives.

UNAG has been a member of the World Federation of United Nations Associations (WFUNA) since 1996, a non-governmental body that unites more than 100 UNAs worldwide. In 2003, UNAG became the recipient of World Tolerance Award by the Friends of United Nations, and the Champion of Tolerance award in 2010 by the Ethnic Minority Council at the Public Defender of Georgia, for UNAG’s contribution to promoting tolerance and diversity in Georgia.


UNAG`s philosophy is grounded on accountable, responsible, effective and efficient delivery of all project interventions that we undertake. Strengthened by global and national partnerships throughout Georgia and South Caucasus, UNAG is focused on building the capacity of individuals, communities and institutions to allow for inclusive solutions and efficient address of a range of issues and challenges in Georgia and South Caucasus.

Member of the World Federation of the United Nations Associations, WFUNA

The World Federation of United Nations Associations(orWFUNA) was created in 1946, inspired by the opening words of theUnited Nations Charter"We the Peoples". Today it is a global network of people linked together throughUnited Nations Associations(UNAs) in over 100 member states of theUnited Nations. These networks enable people to connect with each other on critical global issues, frompeaceandhuman rightsto the spread ofdemocracy, equal development and internationaljustice. WFUNA is an independent organizationwith Category One Consultative Status at theEconomic and Social Council(ECOSOC) and consultative or liaison links with many other UN organizations and agencies.

Member of the European Council on Refugees and Exiles, ECRE

The European Council on Refugees and Exiles (ECRE) is a pan-European alliance of 81 NGOs protecting and advancing the rights of refugees, asylum seekers and displaced persons. Our mission is to promote the establishment of fair and humane European asylum policies and practices in accordance with international human rights law.

Working together with our members and partners to inform and persuade European authorities and the public, we monitor and denounce human rights violations while proposing and promoting fair and effective durable solutions. We accomplish our mission through research, advocacy and the sharing of knowledge and expertise. ECRE strives for a Europe that protects refugees, asylum seekers and displaced persons with dignity and respect. "Europe” refers to the broader geographic territory as well as "Europe” as an actor giving access to protection and providing assistance on its territory and outside. The term "protects” is defined in the broadest sense, to encompass access to asylum, legal and physical protection and integration. "Refugees, asylum seekers and displaced persons” to include all people seeking protection against their loss of rights due to displacement.

Global Tolerance Award 2003

On Human Rights Day, December 10, 2003, the Executive Director of UNAG was honored with the 2003 Global Tolerance Award at United Nations headquarters in New York. This award is presented annually by Friends of the United Nations, a non-governmental organization dedicated to promoting the principles and values of the United Nations Charter and building supportive constituencies for the work of the organization. According to Friends of the United Nations, the Global Tolerance Award is a "way of recognizing leadership and excellence” in those who answer the call "to practice tolerance and live together with one another in peace as good neighbors.”

In his letter informing UNAG of the nomination of the Executive Director for the award, the President and CEO of Friends of the United Nations, Dr. Noel J. Brown, noted that the Global Tolerance Award for 2003 goes to UNAG for its "significant education projects to heighten public understanding of the role and meaning of the United Nations” as well as "online magazine Civil Georgia committed to promote a broader civil participation in public policy” and "a number of humane programs on behalf of refugee communities.”

Certificate of Compliance with the Five Silver Principles of the Ethics Code

The coalition of national Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) has worked for two years to develop an Ethics Code for Civil Society Organizations that spells out the principles CSOs are committed to and the standards of performance they strive to achieve. The CSOs also charted the roadmap towards achieving these aims gradually. The Five Silver Principles are the initial elements of the roadmap, including transparency, financial diligence and accountability to beneficiaries. The coalition of national Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) has certified that UNAG is one of the sixteen national CSOs to comply with the Five Silver Principles.