Khatuna Abkhazava - Public Health Ambassador


"It is a great honor for me to hold the title of public health ambassador, and to contribute to raising awareness of health care in my village" - Khatuna Abkhazava, public health ambassador in Khajalia (Guria) 

Khatuna is one of UNA Georgia’s  public health ambassadors. She is also the director of the public school in Khajalia village in Lanchkhuti municipality, and a civic education teacher at the same school. 

Khatuna, together with her school students, is involved in many different projects. As a public health ambassador, she planned a meeting for the risk groups in Khajalia, and for whom this meeting was especially important: 

"At the meeting, we gathered the segment of the population that does not have access to internet, and mainly receives information from television. This live meeting was very important for them to receive answers to questions that they cannot receive during one-way communication, meaning the information received from TV broadcasts." - says Khatuna. 

Khatuna shares her village's attitude towards the public health specialist, Zura Alkhanishvili, coordinator of the public health projects organized by UNA Georgia: 

"The information provided by a specialist such as Zura Alkhanishvi is of particular importance. He explained everything to us in such simple, everyday language that the meeting turned out to be understandable and informative for everyone." - says Khatuna. 

The information campaign is carried out by UNA Georgia, with financial support from the European Union and the World Health Organization.