UN Association of Georgia conducted a cycle of trainings and discussion meetings in Tbilisi and the regions of Georgia


UNA Georgia in close cooperation with the Ministry of Justice of Georgia conducted the 2nd stage of joint-project "Criminal Justice System Reform in Georgia”, launched in September, 2010 and supported by EU.</p> <p>According to the project agenda, on the 2nd stage the participants must share their knowledge and conduct presentations and discussion meetings at universities and schools of their home towns. The main objectives of the activities were to increase awareness of population living in different part of Georgia on current reforms of Criminal Justice System.</p> <p>During the implementation process of the project, participants organized and conducted various activities such as trainings, seminars, discussion and information meetings dedicated to reforms of criminal justice system in different part of Georgia. The article illustrates just only activities conducted in Gori, Gardabani, Akhaltsikhe and Tbilisi throughoutOctober-November.</p> <p><strong>Tbilisi</strong></p> <p>On November 5, the participants of the project conducted a training at Georgian Teaching University of Economics and Justice devoted to "Jury Trial- An Innovation in Legislative Space”. Totally 102 students were trained and actively involved in the training cycle.</p> <p>During the training, the trainers highlighted the following topics: Jury Selection and Assignment Procedure; Jury Rights, Responsibilities and Jury Verdicts; Appropriateness of jury trial, as Anglo-Saxon legal institute, in the Georgian legal system; Obligatory nature of jury service, procedure of giving verdict by jury, effects of 12 member jury dismissal in case of abstention from voting and etc.</p> <p><strong>Akhaltsikhe</strong></p> <p>On November 9, the discussion meeting was launched in Akhaltsikhe dedicated to the topic "National Probation Agency” and it took place at Adult Education Center of Akhaltsikhe. 18 young students participated in the meeting.</p> <p>The meeting was attended by Lela Gvaramdze, a representative of non-state organization "Tolerance”, Mzia Inasaridze, a representative of Youth Education Center of Akhaltsikhe and Leila Gogishvili, a Lawyer Assistant.</p> <p>During the discussion meeting they discussed works of National Probation Agency, "Probationer” meaning and Future Plans of National Probation Agency.</p> <p>The participants made discussions, open speeches and expressed their opinion on implementing future plans of National Probation Agency effectively and productively.</p> <p><strong>Gori</strong></p> <p>On November 15, the participants of the project conducted a training in Gori dedicated to "Criminal Law Process - Jury Trial”. The training was launched at Gori Teaching University and 80 students were actively involved in it.</p> <p>The meeting was attended by Gori Regional Prosecutor - Nika Dgebuadze and Prosecutor - David Bukia.</p> <p>During the meeting, the following topics were highlighted: Remuneration for Jury Service; Legality of Jury Verdicts; Efficiency of the System in Georgia; Appeal against Jury Verdicts; Role of the Judge in the New System; Jury Selection Procedure; Expenses for the Establishment of Jury Trial System.</p> <p>The meeting was interactive and after finished the presentation, the students asked questions related to jury trial and expressed their opinions on mentioned topics.</p> <p><strong>Gardabani</strong></p> <p>On November 25, 2010 the representatives of the joint project of UN Association of Georgia and the Ministry of Justice of Georgia made a presentation in Gardabani dedicated to the topic "Free of Charge Legal Aid”. The presentation was conducted at Civil Education Center of Gardabani and 18 young participants took part in it.</p> <p>The presenters talked about the legal aid in Georgia and introduced the audience works of Legal Aid Bureaus. During the interactive meeting, the representatives of audience asked questions on current addresses of Legal Aid Bureaus and where the new Legal Aid Bureaus will be launched. Also, they were interested in identify the main criterions the person must meet to get free legal aid.</p> <p>During the interactive and discussion meetings, the participants discussed the mentioned topics, expressed their opinion and asked various interesting questions related to Jury Trial System , Legal Aid Bureaus, National Probation Agency and reforms of Justice system.</p> <p>The participants of the trainings obtained essential knowledge and got information about Jury Trial and current reform processes in Criminal Justice system.