Justice Initiative


The United Nations Association of Georgia, in cooperation with the Ministry of Justice ofGeorgiaand theTrainingCenterof the Ministry of Justice, launched the project: "Criminal Justice System Reform inGeorgia”. The project aims to educate total 100 participants on the criminal justice system reforms, and promote active participation of civil society in current reform processes.</p> <p>First stage of the project involves the trainings and seminars for participant students. During one month, leading field experts will be introducing the participants to the ongoing reform process in criminal justice system. Total 100 students fromTbilisi,Kutaisi, Akhalkalaki, Akhaltsikhe, Gardabani, Marneuli and Gori will be involved in the project.</p> <p>During the first stage of the project, the young leaders attended the cascade of high-level thematic trainings that contributed to their knowledge and awareness about the criminal justice reform, criminal justice institutions’ activities and equip them with the necessary skills to become the intermediaries between the public and these institutions.</p> <p>Following topics and issue areas will be covered by the training stage of the project: general policy of criminal law reform; juvenile justice; criminal law procedures; ICCMS; probation; penalty enforcement; legal aid; prosecutor’s office; bar association; police; public defender; courts; anticorruptionstrategy; national minorities; conflict regions related issues; electronic cards and the strategy of justice house.</p> <p>The project also involves the study tours, throughout which, the participants will visit the Ministry of Justice of Georgia, Civil Registry, Supreme Court of Georgia and Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia, and will obtain the first-hand information about the mission, structure and work of these public institutions.</p> <p>On the second stage of the project, the participants will conduct a cycle of presentations at schools, and the open discussions at the universities in their home towns. They will also hold the meetings with the representatives of civil society and media, where they will be given a chance to express and discuss their opinions on current reforms of the criminal justice system.</p> <p>Within the frameworks of the project, TV talk-shows on Russian and Georgian languages will be developed and aired by local media outlets inKutaisi, Akhaltsikhe, Akhalkalaki, Gori and Marneuli.</p> <p>The program is supported by EU / Human Dynamics.</p> <!-- EndFragment -->