UNA Georgia Empowers Youth with Essential Work Readiness Skills and Digital Competencies through LINKS Project


Improving employment prospects for young people and developing skills that align with labor market requirements is one of the main priorities of the United Nations Association of Georgia (UNA Georgia). 

To enhance the competitiveness of young individuals in the job market, the LINKS project, funded by the European Union, provided an opportunity for youth from four target regions (Adjara, Guria, Kvemo Kartli, and Shida Kartli) to develop essential work readiness components, including soft skills. These skills encompass effective communication, negotiation, business communication, presentation techniques, teamwork, and more. The United Nations Association of Georgia, in active collaboration with Partners-Georgia, conducted the training. 

In addition to intensive job readiness training, the five-day program offered young people the chance to develop digital competencies. For these purposes, they visited FABLAB ILIAUNI, where they familiarized themselves with various machines and attended a lecture on the role of artificial intelligence (AI) in the modern labor market. On the same day, participants also visited the Innovation and Technology Agency of Georgia (Tech Park Tbilisi), where they received detailed information about AI-based platforms. 

To make the training days even more engaging and diverse, one entire day was dedicated to discussing the European past of Georgia and the European Union. Lecturers from the Traveling University delivered talks on topics such as the history of the struggle for women's rights in Georgia and worldwide; the development of the Democratic Republic of Georgia as a European state; the Soviet occupation and Georgia; the relationship between the Democratic Republic of Georgia and Europe; and the European Union as a union promoting peace, prosperity, and freedom. 

The event was held within the framework of the Local Investments in Networks for Knowledge and Skill-share (LINKS) project, which is implemented by the United Nations Association of Georgia (UNA Georgia) and the Open Society Foundation Georgia (OSGF), with the financial support from the European Union. The project aims to contribute to increased quality and accessibility of skills anticipation, skills development and skills matching services, and to their improved alignment with demands of the local labour markets in the four target regions of Georgia: Adjara, Guria, Kvemo Kartli, and Shida Kartli.