Career Guidance Services For Youth


UNA-Georgia is strongly committed to prioritizing the economic empowerment of young people, enhancing their employability, and nurturing skills that align with labor market demands. In pursuit of these objectives, within the USAID Unity Through Diversity Program, an emphasis is made on delivering career guidance services for youth and fostering the development of market-relevant and life skills.  

To bolster the competitiveness of young individuals in the labor market, UNA-Georgia, in collaboration with Partners Georgia (PG), is actively engaged in providing a blended work preparedness program. These training sessions encompass developing a diverse range of skills, including but not limited to soft skills, work ethics, negotiation skills, effective business communication, and the ability to thrive in a team-oriented environment.  

“The training provided us with the information about the most essential and crucial topic: Work Preparedness. Over the course of the training, we received valuable insights about effective communication techniques, proper time management, and the fundamental principles of teamwork. What made the training particularly rewarding was the integration of theoretical knowledge with a range of practical group and individual activities, which enhanced the memorability and application of the topics covered.”  - Turkan Aliyeva, a member of the Marneuli Youth Center.