Young European Ambassador - Gvantsa Mamulaishvili


Have you heard about the ‘Young European Ambassadors’ program?

It's an initiative that empowers young people to promote Georgia's Euro-Atlantic aspirations and choices!

Through this program, the members were equipped with profound knowledge about Euro-Atlantic integration and became peer trainers and multipliers for the wider public.

And guess what? These Young European Ambassadors have been actively campaigning throughout the country since January 2023! They have organized over 45 meetings and reached more than 900 people!

The YEAs have been tirelessly working to inform individuals about Georgia's Euro-Atlantic aspirations. Their outreach efforts have significantly provided valuable and up-to-date information to people in small rural communities nationwide.

It is important to acknowledge the significance of the YEAs' efforts, as their work has not only helped to promote Georgia's European aspirations and inspired young people throughout the country to become more engaged in civic activism!

Within USAID Unity Through Diversity Program, a youth task force, “Young European Ambassadors”, was formed in partnership with SMRCE and NATO-EU Information Center.