Jaba Labadze - Public Health Ambassador


“Listen to public health specialists, they take care of you selflessly" - Jaba Labadze, public health ambassador in Surami (Shida Kartli). 

Jaba is a public health ambassador UNA Georgia (UNAG), as well as a history teacher at Surami public school #2 and coordinator of the Wikiclub for Georgian Wikimedia users. 

Jaba has not had any connection to public health until now, however, he is ready to share the information received from specialists with the members of his local community: 

"Due to my profession, I had less contact with public health. While I had the right ideas, the activities organized by UNAG further confirmed this. I will bring the experience gained from these activities to every citizen, community member and colleague." 

In 2018, Jaba was in the top ten for the national teacher awards, and he makes a great contribution to the development of the school, students and local community: 

"The Wikiclub has been active in my school for six years now, and I teach children how to write articles for the internet encyclopedia, Wikipedia. Several generations have already grown up in this club, and I have spread this practice to public and private schools throughout different regions of Georgia." - says Jaba. 

Within the framework of the public health information campaign, UNAG organized a meeting with the residents of Surami. The participants reported that many of the topics discussed were new to them, and they would like to attend more such meetings. 

"Being a public health ambassador is a big responsibility, because you realize that your action becomes crucial and it is important how the main message reaches each member of the community," says Jaba. 

The information campaign is carried out by UNA Georgia, with financial support from the European Union and the World Health Organization.