Lana Tolordava - Public Health Ambassador


"A public health ambassador means being a link between health officials and the community. Our role means providing people with the right information and facilitating the process of disseminating this information quickly and correctly." - Lana Tolordava, public health ambassador in the village of Mukhuri (Chkhorotsku, Samegrelo). 

Lana is one of UNA Georgia’s public health ambassadors, and she also represents the association "Magvidzara", which implements various projects for the local population. These projects include introducing informal education in the community, as well as working towards the economic empowerment of women, and promoting tourism in the community: 

"Members of the organization try to get involved as much as possible and participate in various small and large grant competitions, in order to promote the activities of local entrepreneurs in the community. "- says Lana 

As for Lana's involvement in the public health campaign, she is now prepared to share public health information with her local community, and help them obtain and use the right information: 

"Within the framework of the project, I received a lot of information, and learned how to distinguish between truths and myths, which are spread through various social networks and media. Now, I will share the acquired knowledge and experience with the people living in my community" - says Lana. 

Lana also shares her opinion on the importance of the communication campaign: 

"Projects like this are a good opportunity to communicate with experts who provide you with correct and verified information in a pleasant environment. It prepares us for dealing with future public health challenges.” 

The information campaign is carried out by UNA Georgia, with financial support from the European Union and the World Health Organization.