Vali Demirchalovi - Public Health Ambassador


"Take care of your health, because it is the guarantee of maximum use of your resources" - Vali Demirchalov, Public Health Ambassador in Khuldara (Kvemo Kartli) 

Vali is one of UNA Georgia’s public health ambassadors, and he also represents the non-governmental organization "New Thinking Institute", which aims to strengthen the local community and eliminate problems. 

Together with UNA Georgia he organized a meeting in Khuldara village in the Marneuli municipality, where the population received information about public health: 

"As a result of the meetings held, the villagers received information about public health. The meeting was mostly attended by middle-aged and elderly people, individuals who are a very important target group, since it is difficult for them to get information elsewhere, for example through internet and social media." - says Vali 

He also shares his experiences from the training which was organized for public health ambassadors: 

"The training was distinguished by its content and the importance of the chosen topic. I especially liked learning about examples from previous pandemics, the solutions, and the comparison with the recent pandemic. Also, the explanation of how vaccines work, in a simple and understandable way was very valuable. This knowledge will help me to provide a strong, well-argued rationale for my position on this issue in the future.” 

Along with his other engagements, Vali has also been involved in activities for young people in various directions for years: 

"For four years now, I have been actively involved in the process of initiating and implementing projects for young people, in some cases as an organizer, in some cases as a coordinator, and sometimes even as a translator, which I really enjoy." - says Vali. 

The information campaign is carried out by UNA Georgia, with financial support from the European Union and the World Health Organization.