Zakir Aivazovi - Public Health Ambassador


“Anyone can be a public health ambassador, like me. For this work, it is necessary to establish proper communication with the population, and support them by providing the correct information, which we in turn will receive from public health specialists." - Zakir Aivazov, public health ambassador in Agmamedlo (Kvemo Kartli) 

Zakir is one of UNA Georgia’s  public health ambassadors, as well as head of the Agmamedlo community center for the past three years. The purpose of the center is to strengthen the community, activate the citizens, and solve various problems in the community. 

Zakir, together with UNA Georgia held a meeting for the population of Agmamedlo about public health and shares his experience: "We tried to provide the population with correct and complete information about the pandemic. We didn't tell them to get vaccinated, we just gave them information about how the vaccination would protect them, and why it is a good idea to get vaccinated. Many people in the community were surprised by the information. From that day on, I realized that a public health ambassador acts as a bridge between the population and the health system. Being a public health ambassador is about providing the population with correct, basic, and complete information, and help the population take care of their health." - says Zakir. 

For the past three years, Zakir has been organizing various activities in the garage of his house, for people living in the local community: 

"I was born and grew up in the village of Aghmamedlo, Marneuli municipality, therefore I already knew the problems and worries of our community, and so three years ago I decided to create a community center in the garage of my house, which we were able to organize as a result of winning the Orbeliani Georgia project. 

We also have a small library in the garage. About 30 students are members of the organization, and older people also join us regularly. 

Together we implement various projects, conduct trainings, teach the Georgian language and help community members develop other necessary skills. We always try to support as many people as possible and help solve their problems. For example, we have worked to introduce services such as translation, internet use, printing, and application writing, services which all people can use. Our main goal is to create a strong civil society through strengthening and activating the community, and we will do everything to achieve this goal." - says Zakir. 

The information campaign is carried out by UNA Georgia, with financial support from the European Union and the World Health Organization.