A large-scale public health communication campaign continues


A large-scale public health communication campaign continues.

"We continue to hold meetings and provide information to the public about issues that are important to their health. Meetings are of particular importance to bring the medical and civil society as close as possible to each other." - Zurab Alkhanishvili, coordinator of public health projects of UNA Georgia.

The initiation of a large-scale communications campaign regarding public health has already covered twenty villages and reached around 600 people.

Within the framework of the project, a large-scale communications campaign about public health is carried out in eight regions across Georgia.

The goal of the project is to increase awareness among the Georgian population about public health. This includes providing information for village populations far from urban centers, in mountainous regions, villages inhabited primarily by ethnic minorities, and the populations living in settlements located near the occupation line.

The information campaign is carried out by UNA Georgia, with financial support from the European Union and the World Health Organization.

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