Magda Korianteli - Participant of the Fostering Inclusive Democracy(FID) program


I belong to the generation, which has started to fight for its bright future with new inspiration. We went through a lot of hardship and crisis, the 2008 Russia-Georgia war, Covid-19 pandemic, however, we know what we want and we know our pursuit. - Magda Korianteli, program participant of Fostering Inclusive Democracy -FID.

(FID) program had a crucial role in my life. It helped me understand what my goal was. It gave me an opportunity to become more self-defendant, self-confident, and most importantly now I can share my knowledge and skills with others.

Walking on my path wasn’t easy, for some reason it takes more for women to become part of society,  trustworthy and successful… 

We prove it every day, that we are good leaders, diplomats, and fighters. 

I went through a course at “General Mazniashvili Youth Legion”, where everyone is equal. Discipline, exercise, and burden are the same for both genders. 

I’ve chosen psychology to be my future profession, along with formal education, I’ve been participating in various training courses, development programs and seminars. Those activities help me to be self-confident and overcome numerous challenges. Also, establishing new contacts is a side benefit.

The Fostering Inclusive Democracy (FID) program is implemented by the UNA Georgia in cooperation with the Swedish UN Association and with the financial support of ForumCiv / SIDA.