Ruska Buziashvili - Participant of the Fostering Inclusive Democracy(FID) program


"I am a child of war, I still remember the sounds of bombs and black smoke in the sky during the August 2008 war, so it is important for me to take care of the development of the people living across the occupation line. The Fostering Inclusive Democracy (FID) program has given me the opportunity to work directly with these people, young people, living across the Administrative Boundary Line,”- Ruska Buziashvili, Fostering Inclusive Democracy (FID) Program Participant.  

Ruska is a first-grade student at Gori State Teaching University, Faculty of law. 

I have been involved in the FID program for almost three years and  

this program gives me an opportunity to develop, grow personally, raise awareness, share my knowledge, and experience with other people and learn from them. FID has become my family. Within the FID program, I have had the opportunity to work on important topics such as democracy, human rights, prevention of domestic violence, gender equality, tolerance, protection of the environment, and more. Each topic is important for me, and FID turned out to be a very empowering program for me. Moreover, within the program in partnership with my peers, I have obtained a micro-grant and organized a project “Equality is your right “.  

The  Fostering Inclusive Democracy (FID) program is implemented by the UNA Georgia in cooperation with the Swedish UN Association and with the financial support of ForumCiv / SIDA.