Nino Nadirashvili - Participant of the Fostering Inclusive Democracy(FID) program


“I am a woman with disability, who broke the stereotypes related to PWDs in my community and fought for success. Still, there are many challenges ahead but I am ready to face them.” - Nino Nadirashvili, Participant of the Fostering Inclusive Democracy (FID) program. 

If you ask me what my greatest success is, I will answer that I accept myself as I am. I have limited ability to move, this is my natural state, however it does not allow me to get bored and relax. That's why I never stop. 

As a child, the road from home to school and back was quite difficult. Due to an inaccessible environment, I could not move independently, I needed another person to walk up the stairs with me. It is said that when you want something with all your heart, the whole world helps you to achieve it. In my case, it was not difficult to get to the classroom with the help of relatives and friends. 

 I trained in English after school, I also mastered the profession, I was actively involved in the FID program Fostering Inclusive Democracy (FID), where I participated in various trainings and seminars, FID had a great impact on raising my self-esteem and a prerequisite for success, it was thanks to FID that I realized I had to start caring for my career, applying the acquired knowledge to my work. I was employed by one of the most successful organizations and now my job is the biggest challenge for me. Every day I am convinced that I can do a lot and I can do more, so I plan to continue my studies and development in parallel with the work, the main thing is diligence, and you will achieve the set goal. However, even at this stage I can say that I am a composed woman with disabilities who has broken all the stereotypes in the society and fought for her establishment and success, but there are still many challenges ahead and I am ready for that, I am ready to fight for many goals. 

The  Fostering Inclusive Democracy (FID) program is implemented by the UNA Georgia in cooperation with the Swedish UN Association and with the financial support of ForumCiv / SIDA.