Civil Georgia - Georgia`s Newspaper of Record


We started Civil Georgia (, in 2001, believing in the powerful role that trusted and reliable media can play in shaping national policies and discussions. We intended as an amplifier of Georgian civil society’s voice, as a chronicler of Georgia’s democratic path, and as an explainer of Georgia’s nuance and context for the thousands of friends and supporters of Georgia. We have proudly served that mission for the past 20 years and intend to do more and better for the decades to come.
We are as proud of today as we were in 2001, and our work is more needed and challenging now than it was ever before. We want to thank every person and every organization that made it possible for us to keep online and as a trusted brand of quality throughout these years.
To every editor, staff writer, reporter, interpreter, photographer, contributor, and many others who have crossed paths with, and to those who have worked tirelessly in the back office too - from finances to administration - thank you for making what it is today, and congratulations on the successful 20 years to you too!
We thank every donor organization, embassy, and others that have made our work possible throughout these challenging years.
We want to thank the National Endowment for Democracy, whose continued support is helping us make even better for more than 1,250,000 of our readers across the globe.