Celebrating Diversity in “Abanotubani”


<p>On June 2, 2007 in the old and traditional part of Tbilisi - "Abanotubani”, renowned as the historical symbol of the city tolerance, Georgian Public Broadcasting launched the presentation concert of the new weekly TV Talk Show "Italiuri Ezo” (Italian Yard) within the frameworks of National Integration and Tolerance in Georgia (NITG) program implemented by UNAG and supported by USAID. Broad structure of the Talk Show will enable the program to address the minority related issues and promote diversity, integration and tolerance among the diverse citizens of Georgia.</p> <p>Local Armenians, Azerbaijanis, Greeks, Polishes, Ukrainians and prominent Georgian singers participated in the concert and performed their and each-others national dances and songs, thus paying tribute to the immense cultural diversity in the country. The concert was lead by the anchor of the "Italiuri Ezo” Mr. Gia Gugushvili and famous performer Neka Sebiskveradze. Besides the stage performances, the representatives of diverse ethnical groups dressed up in national clothes offered the concert guests their traditional souvenirs and national dishes and drinks.</p> <p>Under the media component of the NITG program, the weekly talk show "Italiuri Ezo” is developed and aired by the Georgian Public Broadcasting from June 2, 2007. "Italiuri Ezo” is designed to build awareness on national diversity and encourage debates on problematic issues of minorities living in Georgia. The talk-show shall expose people to the benefits of diversity and help to promote the sense of civic identity among the diverse citizens of Georgia, by illustrating that different regions and communities share common values and can jointly solve the problems.</p> <p>The National Integration and Tolerance in Georgia is a four year program funded by USAID and implemented by the United Nations Association of Georgia in close partnership with the Government of Georgia.</p>