Capacity building trainings for the students of Police Academy


The capacity building trainings were conducted for the students of Police Academy in frames of Refugee Council of Georgia Program. The main goals of the trainings were to increase capacity of local official bodies in the field of refugee protection and to raise public awareness on protection-related field.</p> <p>Totally 150 participants attended 7 trainings. During the trainings, students introduced to UNHCR mandate, Geneva Convention (1957), Protocol to the status of refugee (1967), issues related to refugee protection under the national and international legislation, evaluated current refugee situation in Georgia and received information about the local and international organizations working onrefugees and asylum–seekers protection issues.</p> <p>The students of Police Academy were able to acquire theoretical knowledge and practical skills that are essential for the treatment of refugees and asylum seekers.</p> <p>The trainings were conducted within the frameworks of Refugee Council of Georgia Program, implemented by The United Nations Association of Georgia with support of UNHCR.