The meeting with mass media representatives focused on refugees' and IDP's issues


Today, on June 15at the Sheraton Metechi Palacethe United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in cooperation with UNAGarranged the discussion meeting with journalists. The meetingwhich represented the lead up event to the World RefugeeDay, June 20 brougth together representatives of Georgian media and aimed at raising journalists' awareness on UNHCR's work, its activities, achievments, plans and about UNAG as one of its direct partners in the field of refugees.</p> <p>At the meeting not only theissues of refugees, but also the issuesconcerning internally displaced persons were highlighted and discussed. After all, the number of people seeking for an asylum within Georgia and not only here, is pretty huge and is on continiued rise.</p> <p>As in preceding years the Georgia will not be an exception in commemorating the World Refugee Day, June 20 which will be marked in the country for the fifth time since its approval in 2000 by the United Nations General Assembly. Usually, on this very day main celebration activities take place in the Pankisi Gorge, where the majority of refugees from Chechnya are settled. The World Refugee Day is also an occasion to focus on those who have fled their homes without crossing borders.</p> <p>All the journalists who attended the meeting were invited to Pankisi on June 20, where not only UNHCR and UNAG but also manyother organizations and the representatives from the Ministry of Refugees and Accomodation willencourage those who live far from their spotlights.</p> <p>Today's meeting was organized in the frameworkof the UNHCR and UNAG joint project Refugee Council of Georgia.