Ombudsman and President’s Council Agree to Cooperate on Ethnic Minority Rights


The Public Defender’s Office and president’s council on tolerance and integration signed a memorandum on June 26 to cooperate in further strengthening of ethnic minority rights in Georgia.</p> <p>"In frames of the memorandum, the both sides commit themselves to cooperate for developing and strengthening the tolerant environment in Georgia, protecting the ethnic minority rights and increasing their participation in the public life,” the document says. A 17-member council, involving civil society representatives and senior government officials, has been established last month to develop a draft strategy and action plan for national integration and tolerance issues.</p> <p>The group, in accordance with a presidential decree, must submit the draft strategy to the government before October 31, 2008. It must then be submitted to Parliament for approval before the end of the year.</p> <p>At the ceremony the educational documentary series "Multiethnic Georgia” were presented. The series are developed by the Georgian Public Broadcasting under the media component of the National Integration and Tolerance in Georgia Program implemented by UN Association of Georgia and supported by US Agency for International Development.</p> <p>The event was supported by National Integration and Tolerance in Georgia Program.