Educational Documentary Series


9 educational documentary movies, explore the history and culture of ethnic minorities in Georgia (Armenians, Azerbaijanis, Jews, Greeks, Kurds, Udins, Ukrainians and Ossetians), and expose the benefits of cultural diversity. Documentary series were filmed by Public Broadcasting of Georgia, within the framework of National Integration and Tolerance in Georgia program, funded by USAID and implemented by UN Association of Georgia. The movies on DVDs will be delivered to the different institutions, education centers, minority communities, international organizations, state and NGO bodies by UNAG in June.</p> <p>GPB is the partner body of the National Integration and Tolerance in Georgia program. Media products of the program including weekly Talk Show "Italian Yard” and series of documentary movies about national minorities, residing in Georgia are designed to expose people to the benefits of diversity and help promote a sense of a civic identity by demonstrating that different regions and communities share common issues and can jointly solve problems.</p> <p>The documentary series on DVDs are available at the UNAG office.