Eurasia Partnership Foundation and United Nations Association of Georgia Call for Proposals


Eurasia Partnership Foundation is pleased to announce the new grants competition, under the framework of the National Integration and Tolerance in Georgia program, funded by the USAID and implemented by United Nations Association of Georgia. The4 year program aims at empowering the government, public, civil society and other key role players in this area to effectively engage in integration processes, promote tolerance, encourage national dialogue on ethnic minority issues, and contribute to the development of the sense of civic unity among the diverse citizens of Georgia. Please, submit your proposal by 18:00 of May 16, 2008. For detailed information, please see Request for Proposals (RFP) and Grants Management Questionnaire (GMQ). Both documents are given in Russian, Georgian and English languages. Project Proposals must be submitted in five copies in Georgian, Russian or English.</p> <ul type="disc"> <li>GMQ_English.pdf</li> <li><a href="">GMQ_Georgian.pdf</a></li> <li>GMQ_Russian.pdf</li> <li><a href="">RFP NITG FY 08-09 (april Final_Eng).pdf</a></li> <li>RFP NITG FY 08-09 (april Final_Geo).pdf</li> <li><a href="">RFP NITG FY 08-09 (april Final_Rus).pdf</a></li> </ul> <!-- EndFragment -->