UNAG with USAID and Georgian Public Broadcaster, held the presentation of documentary film


The United Nations Association of Georgia (UNAG), The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and Georgian Public Broadcaster (GPB), held the presentation of documentary film ‘Multiethnic Georgia – Armenians’ in Akhaltsikhe, Samtskhe-Javakheti region on October 29, 2007. The documentary was developed within the frameworks of National Integration and Tolerance in Georgia Program (NITG), implemented by UNAG, and explores the participation of Armenian community in public, social, cultural and economic life of Georgia throughout the centuries of their residence in the country, describes their cultural peculiarities and explores their contribution to cultural heritage of Georgia. The documentary is developed under the cycle ‘Multiethnic Georgia’, and will be cyclically transmitted on GPB together with other documentary movies, exploring the lives of other ethnical minorities historically residing in Georgia.</p> <p>The event was overtured with installation of 4 mail boxes of major joint media product of NITG and GPB, weekly talk show ‘Italiuri Ezo’ (Italian Yard), developed and aired by GPB (every Saturday, 19:00), and meeting of talk show production team and talk show anchor with local population. The talk show is basically devoted to building the awareness on national diversity and encouraging debates on problematic issues of minorities living in Georgia, and supporting the integration processes in the country. The mail boxes will be checked weekly, and will help the local communities to reach the talk show production team, express their concerns and ideas, and provide their suggestions and comments with regard to their personal experiences related to the integration issues in their localities.</p> <p>The presentation was concluded with promotional concert with participation of famous Georgian and minority performers, which performed the famous Georgian and Armenian folk songs, as well as famous pop songs as on Georgian, as well as on Armenian languages. The concert was dedicated to celebrating the cultural diversity of Georgia.</p> <p>The event was also devoted to celebration of 15 years anniversary of USAID assistance to Georgia, and the worthwhile contribution to development of democracy and civil society in Georgia that USAID has provided during these years.