Training for Georgian Public Broadcasting team


In order to improve mechanisms for discussion of tolerance and integration aimed to increase awareness of ethnic minority rights, UNAGwithin theNational Integration and Tolerance in Georgia Program (NITG) works with the Georgian Public Broadcasting to develop a TV Talk show which will build awareness on national diversity and encourage debates on problematic minority and tolerance issues. A creative team is formed on public TV in consultation with NITG. The GPB team participates in workshops on diversity issues organized by Partners Georgia. On 1-3 February 2007, the Partners Georgia hosted theGPB group within the framework of the program and delivered theDiversity Management training. Three daysmodule included not only theoretical topics concerning different contexts of diversity management, but also presentations of participants and practical exercises. TheTV Talk Show will be aired in May, 2007 on Public Broadcasting of Georgia. UNAG and Partners Georgia will monitor the Talk-Show setup to ensure the discussion is conducted in a non-confrontational manner, sensitive to the needs and opinions of the minorities represented.