First Group Meeting of My Senior Friend Program


On May 1, 2011 UN Association of Georgia (UNAG) in cooperation with the Ministry of Justice of Georgia conducted first group meeting of My Senior Friend program. Senior and Junior friends, along with their family members and case managers were invited to play bowling and socialize.</p> <p>It was the first time that the program participants got all together. Senior Friends introduced their Junior Friends to each other. The ones who knew how to play bowling were teaching others about the rules. For the most of Junior Friends it was their first bowling game and at the end of the day, they already were looking forward to the next monthly group activity. This activity helped program participants to socialize, and demonstrated that Senior and Junior Friends can enjoy the same kind of games and have fun together despite their age differences.</p> <p>Group meetings will take place monthly and will help to further encourage and deepen the friendships. The program will also organize different sports, sightseeing, educational and other activities for its participants, to encourage healthy lifestyle, enthusiasm to learn, and other positive attitudes to life. Next Group meeting will take place at the end of May, 2011