Senior Friend Matching Kicks Off


On March 23, 2011 the UN Association of Georgia and the Ministry of Justice of Georgia celebrated the official kick-off of My Senior Friend program, having made the first match of senior and junior friends. Four consecutive matches were made the same week, with a final target of all 13 preliminary friendships by the end of March of 2011.</p> <p>The match was covered by media with a special spot on Rustavi 2 on 21:00 news show of March 23 (March 23 - 22:00:40 timeshift on online archives), with the official accord of both the Senior and the Junior friends. The match was attended by the representatives from the referring institution, the MoJ, UNAG and the program Case Managers along with the Senior and Junior Friends.</p> <p>Another cycle of matches will be made next week starting from Monday, March 28, after which UNAG/MoJ will start reviewing already submitted, and soliciting new applications for the Senior Friends.</p> <p>My Senior Friend Program was developed by the Ministry of Justice of Georgia in cooperation with UN Association of Georgia and aims to provide extra positive impact on those youngsters that suffer from certain risk factors, such as family, school, law related or other problems.