New Program 'My Senior Friend' Presentation at the ? 52 Public School


On February 10, 2011, the Ministry of Justice of Georgia, the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia and the UN Association of Georgia, presented the new joint program of the Ministry of Justice and UNAG - ‘My Senior Friend’ to the students of the ? 52 public school.</p> <p>Andro Gigauri, the Chief of Administration of the Ministry of Justice, Irina Qurdadze, Deputy Minister of Education and Science, and Otar Kantaria, Senior Programs Officer at UN Association of Georgia, presented the main goals and the key aspects of the new program, and requested the direct feedback from the young audience.</p> <p>"Our program includes volunteer friendship between the kid and the Senior Friend” – says Andro Gigauri. "Within the friendship kids learn life skills, like decision – making, solving their problems, relations with people, social responsibility towards the community. It is crucial that young person takes good example from Senior Friend and learns good behavior on practical basis and not just theoretical, which ensures the effectiveness of the program.”</p>‘My Senior Friend’ program was developed by the Ministry of Justice of Georgia in cooperation with UN Association of Georgia. The program aims to work with youth who have certain problems and challenges (including problems with law) in their lives, and are in need of extra positive impact. <!-- EndFragment -->