``The Messenger``: NGO lobbies for new Public Administrative Code


<a href="http://www.messenger.com.ge/">The Messenger</a>, Thursday, July 21, 2005, #134 (0908)</p> <p>NGO lobbies for new Public Administrative Code By Diana Dundua and Tiko Giorgadze</p> <p>The Untied Nations Association of Georgia (UNA) plans to begin lobbying the Georgian government to adopt a Public Administrative Code it has drafted.</p> <p>The draft code is the result of a UNA project called "The Creation of a Public Administrative Code," which began in September 2004.</p> <p>According to Director of UNA's Governance and Transparency Project Zviad Devdariani. drafting the code followed a lengthy period of research which included analysis of Georgian legislation in the field of public administration and the study of international models</p> <p>"Our main goal was to start drafting the Public Administrative Code. We started to work on this even before we had decided whether the initiative would be established as a separate code or as an amendment to existing legislation," Devdariani told The Messenger.</p> <p>He added, however, that "a draft of President Mikheil Saakashvili's anti-corruption law published recently indicated the need for a new Public Administrative Code, and accordingly we've begun to lobby for this project."</p> <p>"We are starting the process of lobbying. In July we are holding a meeting with representatives of state administrative agencies as well as with several NGOs," said Devdariani, adding that the UNA is not working behind closed doors on the project and that outside experts have been actively participating in the drafting process.</p> <p>Devdariani was speaking at a presentation of the draft code on Wednesday aimed at raising awareness among the general public of the issue of Public Service Reform.</p> <p>The presentation consisted of an exhibition of promotional materials and was attended by representatives of the judicial, executive and legislative branches of government as well as international organizations and the media.</p> <p>UNA has been working in Georgia since 1996, during which time it has carried out a variety of projects to help establish the rule of law in Georgia with partner non-governmental, international and public organizations.</p> <p>The Public Administrative Code Project is supported by the Eurasia Foundation Georgia Office, the US Agency for International Development and the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation.</p> <p>Related articles:</p> <p><a href="http://una.ge/eng/artdetail.php?id=73&amp;group=articles">"The Messenger": Justice Minister Calls for Creation of Permanent Civil Service</a></p> <p><a href="http://una.ge/eng/artdetail.php?id=74&amp;group=articles">"Georgia Today": The United Nations Association of Georgia is Promoting the</a><a href="http://una.ge/eng/artdetail.php?id=74&amp;group=articles">Principles of the Public Service Code</a>