Model UN Conference devoted to the MDG agenda


Often the initiatives and approaches of many international and donor organizations have been based on lessons learned from the successful grassroots experience of civil society and were adopted after consultation with Civil Society Organizations (CSOs). This approach incorporates the notion that development must be inclusive, comprehensive, and country-owned in order to be effective and sustainable over the long term. Supporting this approach the UNAG channels its input into the operation and implementation of the development goals set by international communities and now known as<a href="">Millennium Development Goals</a>and held model UN Session in Batumi, Adjara on August 25, 2005 in the framework of joint program with UNA-Sweden<a href="">"Confidence Building and MDG Promotion in South Caucasus”.</a></p> <p> On the very day up to 30 students from Batumi, Gori and Kutaisi State Universities have gathered in order to discuss the MDG agenda as well as the challenges of the developing world regarding this issue. "Model UN was very interesting and exciting. I have got know many people from the different parts of Georgia. We discussed and enjoyed this game a lot. It really allows participants to become part of international reality through putting themselves into shoes of international diplomats, orators and speechwriters” says one of the participants from Batumi.</p> <p>Noteworthy that UNA-Georgia arranges Model UN Conferences since 1995, although it was first time it was devoted to the Millennium Development Goals issue.</p> <p>At the end of the conference, after the hot debates and various consultations delegates came up with Security Council resolution.