South Caucasus Cooperation-Spotlight on UNA Armenia


Nowadays, United Nations Associations (UNAs) are acting throughout the world in more than 100 UN member states. Thus far UNA Georgia was the single UNA acting in the Caucasus. On 15 January 2005 UNA was established in Armenia. Mr. Karen Asatryan, chairman of AUNA says: "Our mission is to serve as a two-way bridge, which ensures the spreading of values, principles and programs of UN in Armenia and spreading of Armenian values, traditions and cultural heritage through UN structures and programs.”</p> <p>Since its establishment Armenian UN Association was a part of various events and activities: World Refugee Day Celebration, Yerevan-Echmiadzin Disabled wheelchair marathon, summer school for Turkish and Armenian students, UN school clubs, series of events dedicated to UN 60.</p> <p>Armenian UN Association collaborates with various national (Union for the Disabled "Pyunic” NGO, CRINGO Network, Helsinki Citizens Committee Armenia, Project Harmony Armenian Branch,), international (UNHCR, Helsinki Citizens Committee Turkey) and governmental structures (State Committee on Sport and Physical Education of RA Government, UN Armenia, RA Ministry of Youth and Sport, Yerevan Municipality) "We network on national level for stable development of Armenia, on regional level for peace and stability, on international level for integration of Armenia into the world community.” says Karen Asatryan.</p> <p>For today UNA-Armenia is member of: <a href="">World Federation of UN Associations</a> <a href="">Caucasian Refugees and IDPs NGO CRINGO Network</a> International Anti-Trafficking NGO network</p> <p>More information on<a href="">South Caucasus Cooperation</a>