ANI Brings Youth Together to Celebrate Universal Children’s Day


November 20, 2012, a group of 31 young people from Ozurgeti Youth Center got together to celebrate the Universal Children’s Day, observed as a day of re-affirming local and global, public and national commitments to the ideals of UN’s Declaration and theConvention on the Rights of the Child(1959 and 1989, respectively).


2:00 PM, over 100 young people in Ozurgeti engaged in a street campaign to raise peer and general public awareness about the rights of children and call for local and global teamwork in fighting the violence against children. Engaging the youngsters from 15 schools of Ozurgeti municipality, the participants of the campaign rally carried self-made posters and banners to better communicate their cause. After the public campaign, youngsters attended a seminar that discussed the issues on children’s rights infringement in Georgia, followed by an open air movie-show and discussions.

Ozurgeti campaign was preceded by similar celebration in Kutaisi on November 19, where 26 young members of Kutaisi Youth Center organized a charity event for the Day Care Center for Children with Disabilities in Kutaisi. Having engaged over 50 schoolchildren from Kutaisi St. Nino School #3, Otskheli School #2, Kutaisi Public School #7 and students from Kutaisi State University, young activists collected books and spent time with the children with disabilities.