ANI’s Gori Youth Center Promotes Literacy in Children


On October 26, 2012, over 35 young members of ANI’s Gori Youth Center organized ‘A Day for Books’. Participants set up a ‘home library’ in a public park in front Gori Theater, organized outdoor reading sessions, set theatrical performances and musical and other acts for those that came to attend or walked by, and spoke about the importance of promoting reading among children and youth.</p> <p>The event was attended by the young residents of the city of Gori and their parents, local culture activists, artists and production crews of Gori Theater, poets, playwrights and people that stopped by to watch the performances and listen to ANI’s young activists speaking out for juvenile literacy.</p> <p>The campaign will be followed by other events, includingthe free classes in Georgian language for the kindergarten children in the village of Tedotsminda, which is densely populated by national minorities.</p> <!-- EndFragment -->