ANI in Georgia Project Promotes Tolerance among Youth


From September 21-24, a group of young people from Marneuli Youth Center, most of them ethnic minorities, visited Kutaisi within the frameworks of ANI’s Volunteer Exchange Program, which was launched in early September and has since connected hundreds of youth and host families through an engaging cross-cultural experience.</p> <p>On September 22nd, youth from Kutaisi and Marneuli teamed up to organize an awareness campaign and a debate session to raise peer awareness about diversity, tolerance and the universal benefits that the civic unity entails. After the public outreach and discussion events, participants attended a training in Civic Activism and Leadership and visited the Public Defender’s Office in Kutaisi to learn about the work that Public Defender does in the region.</p> <p>To provide for additional educational experiences, the Exchange Program included group visits to different places of cultural heritage, including Gelati Monastery, Motsameta, Sataplia and other venues that provided the opportunity for further fostering the common heritage, ownership and civic unity among the diverse young citizens of Georgia.