ANI facilitates youth collaboration between diverse regions of Georgia


September 9-12, a group of young members of Ninotsminda Youth Center visited Gori to join their peers from local Youth Center and engage in local community activism together. A joint group of 20 youngsters from Gori and Ninotsminda Youth Centers visited Karaleti IDP settlement with a youth-led elaborate campaign and marathon for promoting healthy lifestyle among their IDP peers that included ethnic minorities, youngsters with disabilities and other vulnerable groups. ANI’s youth participants were joined by Mrs.Dali Khomeriki, The Minister for IDPs from the Occupied Territories, Accommodation and Refugees of Georgia, who met with ANI youth exchange and local marathon participants.</p> <p>3 day Youth Exchange involved peer trainings, cultural, educational and social events that aimed to connect and empower the youngsters form Gori and Ninotsminda through joint learning and experience. Guests this time, Ninotsminda Youth Center will in turn host a similar activist-exchange opportunity for their peers from ANI’s Gori youth center.</p> <p>September 5-30, Advancing National Integration project will be facilitating exchange programs in nine cities across Georgia – Gardabani, Telavi, Kutaisi, Ozurgeti, Akhaltsikhe, Zugdidi, Ninotsminda, Marneuli and Gori. ANI runs 12 youth centers countrywide that connect youth together, promote activism and foster the sense of civic unity and appreciation of diversity among the young generations of Georgia.