School Model UN


UN Association of Georgia (UNAG), with support of the UN Development Program (UNDP) launched a new School Model UNs cycle. Total eight public and private schools will participate in the first cycle (Spring Season), throughout the country. Student (grades 10-11-12) from following eight schools were pre-selected for the cycle: Public Schools of Tbilisi N 42, 161, 23, 1, Buckswood International School (Tskneti, Tbilisi), and public schools in Akhaltsikhe, Gori and Kutaisi. Model UNs are designed to help the school students discover and strengthen their presentation, debate, communication, as well as group working and research skills. Role plays will urge students to research and understand the strategies that various countries use to manage their international relations.</p> <p>Environmental protection was selected as the main topic for the cycle, following the UN decision to declare 2011 as the International Year of Forests. Human contamination of the earth’s natural environment started long ago, but the industrial revolution and the technological advances that the human race keeps making, eventually results in the breach of stability and the natural order of our ecosystem. Today, international organizations struggle to take precautionary measures in order to reduce the threats of the global warming and its destructive impacts. In order to raise awareness and inform the young generations about the environmental problems they might be facing in future, sessions will imitate UN Commission for Sustainable Development, and will discuss the global environmental challenges.</p> <p>UNAG will provide the introductory presentations at all pre-selected public schools, followed with all necessary training sessions for those students that will be selected to participate in MUN sessions. Model UN participant students will be selected through the application process, which is free for all interested students, studying in the selected schools. Together with the seminars and training throughout the month, UNAG will also provide the students with regular coaching with their preparations for Model UN sessions.</p> <p>Application process is open and is free for all students enlisted in any of the preselected schools listed above. Application hard copies may be requested from UNAG directly, participant school administration, or completed online at:<a href=""></a>