UNAG conducted 5 th Regional Model UN conference dedicated to “Non-state actors in conflicts-Hezbollad and Al-Qaida”


The United Nations Association of Georgia in cooperation with UNA Armenia and UNA Azerbaijan ( initiative group) organized 5th Regional Model UN conference dedicated to "Non-state actors in conflicts-Hezbollad and Al-Qaida”</p> <p>30 participants for Regional MUN conference were selected on basis of competition by UNA Georgia with assistance of UNA Armenia and UNA Azerbaijan.</p> <p>MUN participants gathered in Georgia to prepare for 5th regional Model UN conference. During the preparation period, participants attended various activities and trainings designed to increase their knowledge about UN system and Model UN. The students were trained by MUN experts in making effective presentations and public speech. The trainers introduced the participants tools and technique of debating. Throughout the preparation period, the participants stepped in the role of diplomats and simulated UN Security Council.</p> <p>The participants of Model UN took part in various team-building activities in order to make close social networks and made presentations about cultural heritage and peculiarities of each country.</p> <p>On September 11, 2010 5th regional Model UN Session was launched at Sheraton Metekhi Palace. During the simulation of UN Security Council, delegates represented their position papers, made discussions and formal/informal negotiations. After open speeches, delegates elaborated two resolutions and finally agreed on one with majority of votes.</p> <p>At the closing ceremony the participants were awarded with certificates for their contributive participation in Regional Model UN conference.</p> <p>5th Regional Model UN conference was conducted within the frameworks of "Confidence Building in South Caucasus” program, implemented by UNA Georgia with financial support of Forum Syd/SIDA.