UNA Georgia conducted “Trainings of Trainers” for students in Gori


On October 19-30 UNAGeorgia conductedthe cycle of the trainings on conflict management issue for students in Gori.</p> <p>The participants for the trainings were selected by UNAG’s Gori Branch Office on basis of application forms and interviews.</p> <p>The program of trainings comprised theoretical and practical aspects of studying and was focused on conflict management included different topics such as leadership, decision-making and teamwork. Two-week training program was divided in two parts: first - the selected students from Tbilisi and Shida Kartli Region were trained in conflict management related issues by the invited trainers and on the other hand the trainings were focused on creating a special conflict management program by the participants in order to acquire practical skills that are essential to become a trainer. The students were expected to put their theoretical knowledge in practice and in the nearest future the young leaders would be supposed to conduct the training course for internally displaced youth from the local IDP settlements.</p> <p>The students obtained theoretical knowledge on conflict management issues and decision-making process, also participated in different interactive activities in order to ensure successful teamwork and to develop skills that are essential for conducting trainings and inevitable for becoming a leader. The received knowledge would help the young leaders to take a valued contribution in civic society activities. In addition, the participants filled the assessment forms of trainings and expressed their desire to be held such trainings frequently.</p> <p>At the end of the training course, the sightseeing tour was organized in Gori Castle area in order to familiarize the participants with cultural heritage of Georgia.</p> <p>The trainings were conducted in frames of the collaborative program of UNA Georgia and UNA Sweden "Confidence Building in South Caucasus” program implemented with financial assistance of Forum Syd / SIDA.