Survey Results on Integration Issues


As a result of a joint initiative with National Endowment for Democracy, the UNAG launched project on Integration of Refugees in the Pankisi Gorge.</p> <p>During September-October 2005 the survey aiming at determining level of public integration of refugees along with identifying long-term objectives was conducted among the refugee population residing in the Pankisi gorge. The case was researched through using quantitative methodology. A total of 201 respondents holding the refugee status, including 110 Kists and 91 Chechens were questioned on the basis of random selection.</p> <p>As a result of survey the low level of awareness integration issues was revealed among refugees compactly residing in the Pankisi Gorge. The refugees are also poorly informed about the citizenship issues.</p> <p>After finding out the essence of integration, a relatively small part of Chechens expressed the support for this method of durable solution. The majority of Chechen and Kist refugees would rather welcome resettlement to a third country.</p> <p>If integration remains the only way of durable solution both ethnic groups are willing to acquire a legal status, which would provide for the right to temporarily live and work in Georgia. Moreover, Kists would prefer the Pankisi gorge as place of residence while Chechens would rather live in other regions of Georgia, especially in Tbilisi.</p> <p>As a continuing effort to completely research the level of awareness on integration issues the UNAG decided to conduct the similar survey executive and legislative officials. Prior to this initiative a situation assessment was carried out, involving expertise of Georgian legislature to reveal those normative acts and responsible state agencies, which deal with integration issues.