Celebrating UNAG's 10th Anniversary


<p>On December 25, 2005 the UNAG celebrated its 10th anniversary. UNAG held an official party with its closest partners and new and old staff members. In a nutshell, everyone who has supported the UNAG over the 10 years to achieve the goals set during its inception and along the way. The host and attendees highlighted the contributions UNAG has made toward the development of the civil society sector and other areas the organization has participated over the last ten years.</p> <p>The organization has traveled a long way since its establishment in 1995. The idea of creating an NGO was prompted by an urge and commitment of the founders to establish change and create a new vision for Georgian citizens in response to democratic principles.</p> <p>In 1996-1997, UNAG began its career by focusing on youth and education activities through the organization of UN lessons at Tbilisi high schools, pioneering Model UN-role play sessions and running civil education programs. Since then, Model UN sessions and role-playing activities have been a central area of UNAG expertise and have come to represent the very essence of the United Nations Association of Georgia.</p> <p>UNAG has never hesitated to contribute its available resources to support the Georgian community in facing local needs. Now, ten years after its creation, the United Nations Association of Georgia stands out as one of the leading Georgian civil society organizations.</p>