Ketevan Kasrauli - Women`s History Month


“Even though I always dreamed of working in healthcare and helping patients, becoming a doctor was never my goal. I had always envisioned myself in healthcare management but never had the chance to secure an administrative role in a clinic or hospital. Thankfully, through the EU-funded LINKS project, I was seconded to the Medical Centre of Gori, and I couldn't be happier.” Says Ketevan Kasrauli.  

She states that finding a meaningful career path was challenging before her involvement in the LINKS project. 

“The job market in my city can be quite challenging, with many short-term positions available but few long-term options. I was fortunate to learn about and get involved in the LINKS project, which played a major role in the fact that I have a steady job”. 

Ketevan's career trajectory was reshaped by her involvement in the activities of the Gori LINKS Centre. 

"Last summer, I wasn't studying or working. Then a friend told me about the job readiness training happening in Ureki. I decided to participate, which was one of my best decisions. The skills and knowledge I acquired there have been invaluable to me in my job. I use them to communicate effectively with colleagues and customers daily." 

At the start of her new position, Ketevan faced several obstacles, but she remained determined, and her dedication eventually paid off.  

“At first, I felt overwhelmed since I had to learn on the job and wasn't familiar with the terminology. Fortunately, my colleagues were very supportive and welcoming, which made it easier for me to adjust to the new environment. As part of the LINKS project, I took a job readiness course, which taught me important skills like questioning techniques and active listening, which proved highly beneficial during my interactions with colleagues. I was passionate about healthcare, which motivated me to approach the job with responsibility and enthusiasm, ultimately leading to a promotion. You can do your best if you are genuinely interested in your work and willing to learn.” 

We asked Ketevan what her message would be if she could speak to all women in Georgia for the next 20 seconds.  

“I would like to encourage all women never to give up hope. Even if you fail the first, second, or third time, you can still make it eventually. There are always opportunities to take advantage of, and I know this from experience. I had a hard journey, but I never lost hope. I truly believe everyone has a chance to find their path, and the EU-funded LINKS project helped me with mine. We should never be complacent and always be on the lookout for new opportunities”. 

The “Local Investments in Networks for Knowledge and Skill-share” (LINKS) project is implemented by the United Nations Association of Georgia (UNA Georgia) and Open Society Foundation Georgia (OSGF) with the financial support of the European Union.