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Strengthening Students’ Integration and Tolerance

Date: 06 Nov 2016 News

"It’s the first time I’m going to become a tutor. Last year I had a tutor myself"– says a student of the one year Georgian language preparatory program, Hamia Iskandarova. "I always thought that a tutor is required to share knowledge and experience, but s/he doesn’t really get anything in return. At this training, I’ve learned that tutorship program is mutually beneficial.”

November 4-6, 2016, Ilia State University-based PITA’s Youth Centerorganized 3-day training in Telavi -"Strengthening Students’ Integration and Tolerance. The initiative aimed at promoting integration of ethnic minority students and advancing tolerance building at HEIs.

Training was facilitated by the trainers of "Partners-Georgia” (PG). The main topics of the training were diversity management, volunteerism, dispelling stereotypes and team building.

Further, 25 participants were introduced to Ilia State University’s tutorship program, which has been successfully implemented for already six years now.

Tutorship is a non-formal education program in a higher education institution. Within the Georgian Language Preparatory Program senior students, tutors coach the minority students to facilitate their integration in cultural, linguistic, social, and academic life. Upon completion of the training, the participants will be involved in the tutorship program for a semester, will be given a chance to deepen their knowledge and most