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Open House beneficiaries visit Korneli Kekelidze National Center of Manuscripts

Date: 25 Oct 2016 News

On the 24thof October, Open House invited beneficiaries from Arabic speaking communities to visit the Korneli Kekelidze National Center of Manuscripts. In order to enhance the integration process among the refugees and the host community Open House decided to provide beneficiaries with an opportunity to understand the cultural connection between Georgia and Middle Eastern countries through exploring extensive Arabic cultural heritage kept in the center.

Open House beneficiaries explored major treasures of Georgian culture and history and were shown the unique collection of richly illustrated manuscripts, old printed books and rare editions. What interested the refugees the most were the Arabic manuscripts from Ottoman Empire and the evolution of Georgian alphabet throughout the history.

About Open House:

Open House is a refugee integration centre created by the United Nations Association of Georgia (UNAG) in partnership with UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). The objective of the center is to ensure the refugees, asylum seekers and humanitarian status holders are better protected, integrated and empowered.