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Civil Georgia

Civil Georgia – Timely, Reliable, Experienced

Over the past 4 years, Civil Georgia has established itself as the frontrunner in delivering fast, reliable, and free-of-charge information on the web about current events in Georgia. With information delivered in Georgian, English and Russian languages and with more than a thousand daily users across the globe, Civil Georgia is a flagship for our Information and Analysis program and serves as a platform for other research activities.

Civil Georgia allows interested people to learn about Georgia and to better understand its political context. Our readers are constantly on the edge of new developments in Georgia, while planning to visit the country, maintaining links with their native country, or analyzing political developments and making policy recommendations. 

Civil Georgia makes important contributions in the policy-making arena. In the days before Civil Georgia, most policy-makers, political analysts, and development workers relied on networks of friends and colleagues in order to obtain and verify may be confirm? new information. Civil Georgia now offers reliable, consistent, and up-to-date information about Georgia.

Unique Qualities Drive our Success

Civil Georgia taps into the vast network and the resources of the United Nations Association of Georgia (UNAG), which provides our correspondents with contacts in politics, academia, business, and media, both nationally and internationally. Through its linkages with UNAG research teams, Civil Georgia is also well briefed on recent policy discussions and developments.

Our staff of news editors and journalists is trained in journalism, boasts advanced capabilities in all of Civil Georgias operating languages, and thoroughly comprehends the global context and the needs of our international customers.

Our Customers

Numerous groups, organizations, and businesses operating in Georgia – all with an eye to contributing to Georgia’s development - decide which policies to pursue, which programs to fund, and where to invest. The availability of high-quality information, which informs their decisions, therefore has a direct impact on Georgia’s economic and political potential.

Civil Georgia narrows the gaps between the Georgian-speaking majority, ethnic groups that suffer from the lack of Russian-language information sources, and English-language users both in Georgia and internationally. Thus Civil Georgia helps non-Georgian speakers to contribute positively to the country’s development and allows Georgian citizens abroad to maintain an interest in their country.

We reach out to policy and academic communities in Europe and the United States, along with staff of the European Union Delegations, the OSCE, the World Bank, and the IMF.  Well-known companies such as British Petroleum and Northrop Grumman check our site regularly in assessing the business environment in Georgia. Georgians both within the country and abroad also  use Civil Georgia's news and analytical service regularly.

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