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We help promote more democratic governance through assisting the government and strengthening civil society

We help protect asylum seekers' rights, train officials to better serve their needs and study migration patterns

We empower youth to take part in governance and implement novel education programs to increase their capacity

We provide information on Georgia to the world and study current political, economic and social trends We launch Model UN Sessions regularly since 1996 giving students opportunity to act as diplomats, orators and speechwriters
Civil Society and Governance Refugees/Migration  Youth Training/UNAG School Civil Georgia/ARC Model UN
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For its diverse projects, UNAG received the 2003 Global Tolerance Award at United Nations headquarters in New York.

One of the Founders of the Civic Initiative Center a coordinating network for NGOs engaged in development of civil society in Georgia

Proud member of the World Federation of the United Nations Associations, a peoples' movement for the United Nations, since 1996.

List of Partners, Donors and Supporters of UNA Georgia Activities

Armenian UN Association founded on 15 January 2005 consolidates citizens and organizations of Republic of Armenia around values, ideas and principles of United Nations Organization.

Presentation of the report about ’Hate speech and discriminatory expressions in Georgian political discourse’’
In frames of the ‘’Advancing National integration’’ (ANI) programme that is being implemented by the United Nations Association of Georgia, with the USAID support, Media Development Fund has prepared a report ‘’Hate speech and discriminatory expressions in Georgian political discourse.’’

The third Annual Youth Civic Activism Network Summer School of Advancing National Integration in Georgia Program (ANI)
Advancing National Integration in Georgia Program (ANI) organized third Annual Youth Civic Activism Network Summer Schools in Bakuriani between July 6-12 (first participant cohort) and July 14-20 (second cohort).

Evaluation of the National Concept and Action Plan for Tolerance and Civic Integration (2009-2014)
On 26th of July, the Office of the State Ministry for Reconciliation and Civic Equality presented the evaluation of the implementation of Georgia’s National Concept and Action Plan for Tolerance and Civic Integration (2009-2014). The event was conducted with the support of ‘Advancing National Integration’ program, implemented by the United Nations’ Association of Georgia (UNAG) with financial support of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

http://www.vimegobrot.ge/uploads/Learning Georgian.JPG08/02/2013
ANI’s Gori Youth Center Promotes Acquisition of Georgian Language among National Minority Children
Starting January 2013, as a follow-up to the Literacy Campaign, members of ANI’s Gori Youth Center have delivered free classes in Georgian language to preschool-aged youngsters in the village of Tedotsminda - a buffer zone, which is densely populated by ethnic Azerbaijani communities.

http://www.vimegobrot.ge/uploads/Serving in Telavi Shelter for Seniors.JPG25/01/2013
Telavi Youth visit Shelter for Seniors
January 25, over 20 young members of ANI’s Telavi Youth Center visited Telavi Shelter for Socially Vulnerable and Senior People.

http://www.vimegobrot.ge/uploads/Mobile library in Ozurgeti Public School _1.JPG21/01/2013
ANI’s Youth Promote Reading among Children
January 21, Ozurgeti YC organized a presentation of mobile library to officially launch a Reading Campaign in Ozurgeti. The major goal of the campaign is to help children discover fascination in reading.

http://www.vimegobrot.ge/uploads/Marneuli Youth Center Members hit the streets to call for action against smoking.JPG16/01/2013
ANI Youth Persist Action against Smoking
January 16, members of Healthy Lifestyle Sub-club of ANI’s Marneuli Youth Center organized an event “Action against Smoking” to highlight the health risks related to tobacco use and advocate for effective actions against tobacco consumption.

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Training on Civic Activism and Gender Equality July 29-August 4, 2013, Georgia
Competition based request for individual Activity Grant and Research Grant proposals
ANI’s Youth Advocate with Local Government to Mitigate Road Accidents among Pedestrians
the South Caucasus Debate Championship on November 28 – December 2, 2012.
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Assessment survey report – National integration and tolerance in Georgia Download PDF (Eng)
MDG Progress Report was elaborated to illustrate Goal N4 and N5 implementation in 2007.
Download (PDF)
Millennium Development Goals in Georgia, Progress Report – illustrates the progress achieved with the obligations that Georgia undertook to meet the Millennium Development Goals by 2015. Download PDF (Eng | Geo)

National Integration and Tolerance in Georgia (NITG) is a USAID funded 4 four year program aimed to promote an increased sense of national unity among the diverse citizens of Georgia.

Based in Tskneti (15 minutes driving distance from Capital), International Educational Campus unites UNA's three core educational directions, UNA International School, Summer and Winter Sport Camps, and Youth Educational-Training Programs.

UNA Georgia Promoting Millennium Development Goals in Georgia

UNA Georgia and UNA Sweden Cooperation

Diversity.ge - universal data portal devoted to minorities and cultural diversity in Georgia.

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Refugee and COI Portal of the UNA Georgia, provides refugee oriented up to date, comprehensive and reliable information.

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